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Why Reset Detox Diet?

The Reset Detox Diet is a low-calorie herbal juice diet for weight reduction and indirect internal cleansing. It is designed to re-educate and recalibrate the body’s internal intestinal imbalance through a personalized program that your practitioner will create for you after an in-depth consultation. This specialized weight loss and internal cleansing program will provide you with a healthier and balanced way of living.


How it works

From the moment we’re born, our bodies expend energy, which comes from the food we eat and digest. The digestive system is very efficient in doing this but it isn’t perfect. As we get older and our bodily functions decline and become less efficient, toxins from residue begin to accumulate inside our intestines. Consequently, more energy is wasted just to keep our systems running.


The amount of toxic chemicals that a person consumes throughout a lifetime also accumulates and causes various symptoms such as, fatigue, poor skin, chronic migraines, and pain. Typical chemicals include alcohol, cigarette smoke, pesticides, mercury, food additives, oral contraceptives, cleaning supplies, and even perfume.

Our bodies try to break toxins down into less harmful compounds that can be excreted but, after years of continuous exposure to toxins, some toxins are left circulating in our bloodstream, or accumulate in the liver, fat cells and intestines. The Reset Detox Diet is a specialized treatment plan that assists in the removal of these toxins, and will benefit you in two ways:


First, it allows your body’s digestive system to rest and reset. If you have never fasted or tried a juice diet before, it is safe to say that until now your digestive organs have been working nonstop. Without a break, it should come as no wonder that your organs aren’t optimal. During the juicing period, your digestive system can rest and stop wasting energy, and use that energy instead to restore damaged parts of the body.


Second, while fasting, your intestines and internal organs will have a chance to purge themselves of the accumulated toxins. Your practitioner may also recommend other intestinal cleansing methods such as an enema or milk of magnesia to help remove these unwanted toxins.

Detox Diet - Low Calorie Herbal Juice
Infertility Detox Diet - Low Calorie Herbal Juice

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